Mission Statement

Our business philosophy is simple – Its all about the music!

Company Ethos

JayBox are a UK based company who are committed to provide professional, honest, friendly and helpful support to all of our customers, maximising profit to operators by reducing hardware redundancy and costs, whilst providing highly reliable products.


Phil Bolderson – Managing Director
Graham Bolderson – Chairman
Laura Bolderson – Office Manager
David Bacon – Technical Manager

Steve Shields – Sales Manager
Shepherd – Office Assistant
Alex Shepherd – Development Lead
Zoe Reed – Systems Developer


Graham – Chairman

Heres Graham to tell you a little about our humble beginnings.
In October 2002, I was enjoying a few pints of real ale with my pal Duncan Wood in the Lowther Arms in Penrith. I had 25 years’ experience in software engineering, and Duncan was a very capable and highly experienced telecoms engineer with BBC. The Jukebox caught my attention, and I decided to play some of my favourite tracks. I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t find anything I liked, and I said to Duncan that I thought that the Jukebox was rubbish considering what modern technology was capable of delivering. After a few minutes discussion, we decided that we would develop a far better model in our spare time. For the next 2 years we bored the pants off our other pals with discussions about the complexities of the Jukebox. By Christmas 2004, we had developed a model that impressed us with its reliability and functionality, and in the Spring of 2005, I decided that we should bring the product to market. Some months were spent obtaining Music licences, developing a music database of 30,000 tracks and case design. The company was formed in August 2005, when Richard Elsy joined with us to help with marketing. The designs were finalised over the next year.

The first JayBox was sold in September 2006. It was a huge hurdle to convince operators that a bunch of unknown guys bringing a new technology into an established market would be a wise investment. I believe that the performance of the product, its longevity and low maintenance costs coupled with the tenacity, dedication and ethos of Jaybox have now convinced many operators that “The JayBox” is not only a great product but is also a very wise investment choice. This confidence in our company, the product and service we supply has proven to be well founded with Jaybox now being the the third largest supplier of Jukeboxes in the UK and the ONLY jukebox manufacturer which is totally UK based for design, build and support.
JayBox is now a thriving company with an exciting future and a constant desire to innovate and develop the services and hardware we provide and the coming months and years will see us continue to improve the support and products we offer our customers.
The development of the Spectra jukebox is the latest chapter in the development of our business and represents the culmination of the expertise and experience we have developed over the last decade.
I would like to thank all those that have shown faith, and in particular those operators that have provided us with valuable help and advice and without whom the road would have been even more difficult.