£400 TRADE IN.
A. To qualify for this a customer must trade in a fully functional and complete JayBox. For the avoidance of doubt this qualifying JayBox must be fully working when it is tested by JayBox engineers who will sign off its functionality and completeness.
B. This trade in discount is offered against the purchase of a new, full price Phoenix or Spectra as advertised on our website. This trade in discount is NOT guaranteed against non trade in by back of old Jayboxes without the purchase of a new JayBox.
C. The customer will purchase a new Jaybox (Phoenix or Spectra) and return the old JayBox, at their expense, to JayBox in Penrith. The customer will be invoiced for the new box at full price. Once the old JayBox is returned it will be assessed for completeness and functionality by a JayBox engineer and if it is deemed complete and fully functional the £400 discount will be applied.
D. If it is found that the returned JayBox is not complete or fully functional the JayBox engineer will assess the value of the box and amend the trade in discount accordingly.
E. The £400 trade in price is contingent on the invoice for the new JayBox being paid within our standard terms and conditions. Late or nonpayment of the issued invoice can invalidate the discount. This is entirely at Jayboxes discretion.
F. JayBox reserve the right to end or amend this promotion at anytime without prior notice.


1. The offers of ‘free music for a year’ and the ‘£400 trade in” are mutually exclusive in that only one of them can be applied to any specific Jukebox purchase. It is for the client to decide which one is most beneficial for them and this must be confirmed at the point of purchase.
A. To qualify for this the customer must purchase a new Phoenix or Spectra and that must then be placed into a venue that has never previously had a JayBox sited in it.
B. The FREE MUSIC FOR A YEAR timescale starts from the date of delivery of the new JayBox. It is the customers responsibility to site the JayBox asap to maximise the value of the timescale the free music is on offer. No extension of the 12 months will be permitted.
C. If the customer wishes to move the JayBox that is subject to the Free Music deal they must inform JayBox as to the proposed new venue so that JayBox can confirm the new venue continues to qualify for the Free Music deal. If the new venue does not qualify for the Free Music deal the free music provision will end. Once the free music provision has ended, for any reason, it will not be reinstated.
D. If the JayBox that qualifies for the free music is moved to another venue that has also never had a JayBox sited in it the free music can be continued for the duration of the agreed original 12 month period.
E. The value of the FREE MUSIC FOR A YEAR is based on the standard music charge of £11.25pw (ex VAT) giving it an annual value of £585 (ex VAT)
F. To qualify for this promotion the customer must purchase a JayBox for full price as advertised on the website and have paid the invoice for said JayBox within the standard terms and conditions.
F. JayBox reserve the right to end or amend this promotion at anytime without prior notice.


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Call now 01768 214410
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