Digital Music Jukebox – The Spectra

Jaybox’s industry-leading music policy is geared towards what the customer wants to hear!

Demand Driven
Meeting what the customer wants

The face of music delivery has changed. Consumers are no longer satisfied with choosing content from pre-determined
selections, music lovers demand the content they wish to hear at their fingertips. JayBox Interactive Request System fulfils
this demand by letting end users request music direct to Jaybox. We add up to 250 new tracks per week and many of those
tracks are requested directly by end users ensuring that our music data base is built around what your customers want.

Automated Updates
Your music is always upto date

It is well established that having the latest chart tracks significantly increases Jukebox takings. JayBox automated weekly updates ensure that all current chart entries are available when your customers want them maximising potential income. Our automated updates ensure you never miss a opportunity for a sale and maximise the revenue from your Jaybox.

Automatic Profiling
Customer driven music selection

The ability to download from JayBox entire database ensures that the content stored on each unit is individually profiled to suit each venue
ensuring that your customers favourite music is always there for them to play. Each Jaybox is profiled by the customers who use it making it tailored
for each specific venue which will maximise revenues and customer engagement with the music.

User Defined Playlists
Personalised music

JayBox unique user interface allows users to create a user profile and a personalised playlist, which is then accessible at any online JayBox.
This creates an intimate link between the user and their JayBox and increases user engagement with the music and again maximising revenues.